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Illustrations of maps of New York at various stages and time periods.

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Redrawing of the 1660 Castello Plan of New Amsterdam.
1916 redraft of the original drawing in the Biblioteca-Medicea Laurenziana of Florence, Italy. The drawing was prepared under the supervision of I.N. Phelps Stokes.

"The colony of New York in 1712."
Illustrated map of of New York in 1712 showcasing the Slave Market.

The Bradford Plan: An early survey map of New York in 1730 under British control (A plan of the city of New York from an actual survey.)
Early survey map of British New York in 1730 with translated or transformed street names from the Dutch period, like Pearl Street (Dutch translation: Paerl Straet) becoming Queen Street. Or, an English translation of original Dutch names like Hoogh…

New York, the English colonial city, 1730.
An illustrated map depicting the growing English colony of New York in 1730.

Amsterdam in New Netherland, 1653-1664.
An illustrated map depicting the growth of the New Amsterdam colony in the larger New Netherland settlement.
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