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Illustrations, paintings, and visuals imagery representing life and culture for the black denizens of New York's colonial era.

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Painting of Dutch colonials' involvement in the African slave trade.
The first slave auction in New Amsterdam 1655. Engraving after illustration by Howard Pyle in 1895.

Modern-day celebration of the Pinkster holiday by black people in Hudson Valley New York.
Photograph of a modern day celebration of the Dutch holiday, Pinkster, by black people in New York's Hudson Valley region. An example of traditional cultural assimilation as evidence of colonialism, as well as a holiday of leisure that was allowed to…

1651 Depiction of Fort Amsterdam and the surrounding New Amsterdam colony along with European ships and the indigenous people of the region.
A 1651 Illustration of possible depiction of Fort Amsterdam at the southern tip of Manhattan along with the surrounding colony, European ships, and indigenous peoples in the foreground.

1902 illustration of a possible depiction of the New York Slave Market about 1730.
Line photoengraving of a possible depiction of the New York Slave Market and how it may have looked in 1730.

New Amsterdam highlighted within present-day Lower Manhattan.
Screenshot from the YouTube video "What's left of New Amsterdam in Lower Manhattan - 2/4" at 1:01. Uploaded by New Netherland Now.
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